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Adventist Health Center in Roseville, California

Sacramento is the heart of California, known as the home to the Sacramento Kings NBA team, the catalyst of the Gold Rush, and California’s State Capitol. We are proud to be a contributing member to California’s beauty through our work on the Sacramento International Airport, The Ice Blocks, and The Adventist Health Center. These are just a few of our projects we have installed roofs for across Northern California. As Sacramento roofing experts, we would love to take you on a journey through some of our highlighted projects!

Sacramento International Airport

The Sacramento International Airport (SMF) is a global transportation gateway and the entrance to the Golden State. SMF is ranked as one of the top airports in the nation! Offering nonstop flights to almost every vacation destination you can think of, including Canada, Mexico, and Hawaii, SMF provides exceptional service without the usual airport claustrophobia. With a regional economic impact of over $4 billion annually, the Sacramento County airport system is vital to Sacramento’s economy.

When the opportunity arose to be a part of the SMF remodel, we immediately started plans to improve its roofing structure. The entire airport’s 140,000 sq. ft. roof required 16” BEMO panels. Also, these were made up of Contrarian 22 GA Stainless Steel to ensure the stability and longevity of the roofing. 

The unique layout of the roof welcomes all travelers as the first glimpse of Sacramento’s infrastructure as they arrive in the City of Trees.

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The Ice Blocks

The Ice Blocks are located in Midtown Sacramento. Created as a cluster of creative retail buildings, made of three blocks:

  1. Block One- Dining and interactive retail spaces
  2. Block Two- Residencies & two level restaurants
  3. Block Three- Retail with many outdoor amenities

We are proud to have installed the roofing systems for all three! We implemented the entire 45,000 sq ft of exterior metal and single-ply roofing. Now, these blocks are cultural epicenters and protected from any type of weather. To see how great the community is thriving, check out Ice Blocks Midtown.

Adventist Health Center

With over 1,000 employees planning on congregating in the new Adventist Health building, it was of utmost importance that this main office facility be top of the line to ensure their work moves smoothly. Kodiak worked with Adventist Health to prepare their 5 story, 275,000 sq ft building for their employees. To ensure this, we installed a single ply roof to ensure that the 250 clinics powered by this Adventist Health hub would remain operational, rain or shine. This building is also a part of the WELL Building Standard program. This program certifies the building with exceptional air, light, fitness, and comfort for the employees. Overall, with over 50 subcontractors on the project, we are proud to have been chosen to take part in such a large project.

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