What Earthquakes Do To Your Commercial Roof

What earthquakes do to your commercial roof

When you live in Nevada and California, earthquakes – especially major ones – are an inevitable and dangerous fact of life. The San Andreas Fault Line is just outside of Sacramento, and the Nevada Fault Line runs through Reno, making earthquake preparedness a critical priority for commercial building owners. Join us as we answer the question of what earthquakes do to your commercial roof.

Sooner or later, another “big one” will happen. This potentially deadly and destructive natural disaster can occur at any time and without warning.

According to a recent Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) report, earthquake losses in the U.S. add up to about $4.4 billion annually, with California alone accounting for $3.3 billion of the estimated damage costs. However, many vulnerable cities in other states, such as Reno, have sustained significant damage. 

Proper earthquake preparedness of your commercial property can: 

  • Reduce property damage
  • Reduce injuries
  • Save lives
  • Avoid prolonged disruptions of business

As a commercial property owner, you can significantly reduce damage to your building by fixing known and common weaknesses.

From Small Shakes to Big Quakes

Whether your commercial property undergoes a small or a big earthquake, there’s always a potential risk of damage to your roof. That’s where we can help! Our maintenance program will identify cracks in your roof, allowing Kodiak to help address and fix them before they become a more significant issue. 

Many commercial businesses we work with have properties with flat roofs, which need to be monitored regularly to ensure their durability. Even the most minor cracks can lead to larger cracks and leaks, resulting in dry rot, mold, or damage to the building’s interior. When this happens, there’s also a possibility of ruined equipment, flooring, furniture, and more. 

We know that it’s impossible to predict the level of damage that an earthquake or some other natural disaster may cause to your commercial property. However, we can help manage the proper maintenance of your roof to prevent worse-case scenarios.

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