If You Wouldn’t Run Into A Burning Building, We Recommend You Don’t Climb On Top Of One

As professional commercial roofers, Kodiak Roofing has extensive training, equipment and safety procedures to keep our employees safe. We consider safety our top priority, as roofing is the 4th most dangerous occupation in the country, more dangerous than both policing or fire fighting. We will always be committed to providing an unwaveringly safe work environment that produces excellent solutions for our commercial clients, with real asset protection at a competitive price.

Our 24 Hour Emergency Service 

We offer a 24 hour “Emergency Response” service to meet our clients needs, any time. We want your employees to feel empowered to call us when the need arises, avoiding any ill advised repair attempts or roof trips that can lead to injury. Our fall equipment and training procedures ensure we get the work done injury free. Our service also benefits owners, ensuring manageable leaks don’t become something larger and create extensive damage to the property and goods.

How To Make Your Roof Safer 

First off, no one should ever head to a roof solo. Safety in numbers applies on rooftops and can help deter falls, electrical injuries, and a variety of other hazards with the right equipment. We know tenants or employees may access the roof for a variety of unexpected reasons. When Kodiak’s team heads to a roof these are the safety items we ideally like to see present:

  • Guard rail systems on low walls and unprotected edges should be 42 inches above the area where you can walk or work per OSHA, and should be able to handle a “force of at least 200lbs.” These can be temporary or permanent.
  • A protection over skylights such as netting that can hold a human’s weight. 
  • A rooftop anchor that workers can attach a harness to. 
  • Any fixed ladders have been reinforced with safety cages. Any portable ladders used are fiberglass or wood to avoid shock and rated to hold the weight of any worker that might use them.
  • Any platform or roofing area is ready to bear the weight needed for workers, their tools, and any materials. 
  • All areas are clear from all debris and unnecessary objects. Any location where a portable ladder is placed has a clear area to be placed correctly away from the building.

For commercial sites looking to catch issues before they can cause damage, Kodiak offers a Roof Maintenance Program in both the Sacramento and Reno areas. Our program includes the inspection and cleaning of drains on the roof, and inspection of all flashings at all penetrations and curbs, including pipes, skylights. We will re-secure loose sheet metal roof flashings, reseal cracked or missing caulk joints, and provide photos of any concerns we have. 
Whether you are facing a commercial roof repair or want to avoid a potential leak we are here to help. Our safety measures such as lanyards that reduce shock, fall protection, and warning line systems, and lifelines ensure we get the job done safely and your workers stay on the ground. Please contact us today so we can highlight how we can help with your commercial property.