The Many Benefits of Working in the Commercial Roofing Industry

We’re hiring! Of course, we love what we do and since 1992, our highly skilled team has helped establish us as an award-winning, premier choice when it comes to commercial roofing and waterproofing. With offices in Sacramento and Reno, our team has completed thousands of projects all along the West Coast. Whether you’re new to the commercial roofing industry or a veteran worker, there are many benefits to working in this booming market. So, what could that look like for you?

Making a Living in the Commercial Roofing Industry

From variable hours to working outside, a career in commercial roofing is not your typical 9 to 5. It’s important to us that we build our teams with passionate employees who build value for our company. Working in roofing has hidden benefits you won’t want to pass up!


One of the most exciting things about working in commercial roofing is that no two jobs are alike. Your work will entail repairing, replacing and installing roofing on many different types of commercial properties. This means that the work can be physically demanding since you’ll be climbing on roofs and working with heavy tools and materials. However, many roofers at our company love to work with their hands and accept the challenge of working in different weather conditions and at different heights. Being physically fit, looking beyond a standard desk job, and having a good attitude are both welcomed skills to bring to the job!

Though we’re known for our outstanding team of roofers, we have jobs for all specialties! From project managers, superintendents, HR professionals, and service coordinators, we truly offer a wide variety of positons to fit your needs!

Job Security

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the roofing industry is expected to grow by 11% between 2016 and 2026, which is faster than the national average. In terms of demand, the commercial roofing industry experiences fewer downturns compared to other construction trades, since roofing projects often consist of repairs, installations, and replacements. There are occasional seasonal dips in winter and autumn due to weather, with spring and summer being typically the busiest periods. This means there’s always a demand for quality work!

Growth Opportunities

With a consistent flow of projects of all sizes, there are a lot of opportunities for you to grow and advance your career within this industry as well as with our company. This level of consistency also means you can enjoy being paid well. There’s also the added benefit of seeing your workmanship wherever you go, and being able to take pride in the quality of your installation.

Interested in joining our team? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know what job you think your experience and abilities are best suited for by filling out our online application.

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