What You Need to Know About Solar Roofs

We’ve all heard of solar power, and solar roofing, but what is it really? How does it work? What do you need to consider when deciding whether or not to install solar panels?

In this blog entry, we’ll explain the basics of solar roofing, especially as it relates to commercial roofing. We’ll also explain how Kodiak Roofing, your best choice when it comes to commercial roofing contractors, can help you transition to solar roofing.

We’ll begin by explaining what you need to know about solar roofing. Then we’ll talk more about what you need to know when selecting a company to install and manage your new solar roof, as well as how Kodiak Roofing can be instrumental in that process.

What You Need to Know About Solar Power

Simply explained, each day, energy particles from the sun (photons) contact solar panels. These panels are composed of a glass layer, films, and solar cells (also called Photovoltaic, or PV, cells).

After the sunlight passes through the glass and films, it contacts the solar cells. This initiates a reaction that produces Direct Current (DC) power, which is then converted in a device called an inverter to Alternating Current (AC) power, which is the type of power that typical households and businesses use.

During the day, your system may produce more energy than your home or business requires. This excess is backfed into the power grid, and you can actually see your power meter run backwards.

Then at night, when you are no longer drawing solar energy and have to pull power from the grid, your daytime contributions offset the cost of the power that you’re now pulling from non-solar sources.

What You Should Consider When Considering Solar

There are many factors that determine whether or not you have a positive experience in your transition to solar roofing. They are important enough to justify a significant investment of time and research.

Among the factors to consider are the installer’s reviews and reputation, the warranty on their equipment, the type and design of the equipment, the installer’s certifications and qualifications, and the financing options offered.

What We Can Do for You

If you are looking for commercial roofing solar solutions, it’s important to consider the structural supports for the added weight and shape that solar systems will add to your roof. Along with a host of other services, Kodiak Roofing offers integration of these supports, to make sure your roof can effectively and efficiently bear the changes that solar panels will necessitate, and offers the best quality, service, and support you’ll find among commercial roofing contractors.

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