Tenant Improvements Could Be Causing Your Commercial Roof Problems

A leak like this one in an office building is just one risk of tenant improvements

You’re inspecting your building and that’s when you spot it. Water damage in the ceiling where a leak has been pooling for weeks, or a hole in your commercial roof somewhere where you really didn’t want a skylight. Everyone deals with commercial roofing maintenance needs every now and then, but in this industry a small error can rapidly become a big industry. Tenant improvements are one of the biggest causes of these issues. 

Because your roof can be an afterthought, it’s easy to assume these improvements are no big deal… right up until there’s water dripping down into your office space. Learn why the improvements your tenants make to your space can cause enormous maintenance problems, and how you can prevent them.

How To Prevent Messy Commercial Roof Problems Caused By Tenant Improvements

Why Tenant Improvements Can Be An Issue

When you lease a commercial space, your tenant will often need to make some necessary improvements to make the space work for their business. This can include everything from new lighting and a new quote of paint, to bigger, more extensive remodels. However benign these tenant improvements seem, it’s important to be cautious and aware of the changes being made.

Items added by tenants are a common source of roofing issues because they can be improperly installed. These problems often stem from roof penetrations. This often leads to roof leaks or other installation issues that can prevent your roof from being up to code. If the tenant moves out before the issue is discovered it can create even bigger problems for the building’s owner. 

How To Make Improvements The Right Way

If you’re the tenant looking to make an improvement, it’s important to make sure you’re investing your money the right way. Look at the cost of your project carefully and ensure you’ll be able to recoup the cost of it before the end of your lease.

If you’re the building’s owner, make sure all tenant improvements follow proper procedures when they’re installed. When in doubt, it’s best to work with an expert who can ensure your roof’s integrity is intact. 

Having an ongoing roof maintenance program is an excellent way to prevent small improvements from becoming big issues. If your tenants know to call Kodiak to make repairs, seal, or inspect any new equipment they’ve installed, you can rest easy knowing your roof is being looked after by an experienced team. Our maintenance services include: 

  • A complete assessment of your roof
  • Inspecting and clearing blocked drains
  • Re-securing loose sheet metal and resealing cracked or missing caulk joints

Preventative care can prevent risky tenant improvements from becoming much larger issues. Learn more about Kodiak’s ongoing maintenance program.