What Earthquakes Do To Your Commercial Roof

Extensive structural damage to a commercial property caused by an earthquake.

When you live in Nevada and California, earthquakes – especially major ones – are an inevitable and a dangerous fact of life. The San Andreas Fault Line is just outside of Sacramento, and the Nevada Fault Line runs through Reno, making earthquake preparedness a critical priority for commercial building owners. Sooner or later, another “big one” will happen. This potentially … Read More

What Impact Do Fires Have On Commercial Roofs?

Shows how far a wildfire smoke and ash can reach

Unfortunately we have been seeing a lot of wildfires around California, Nevada and other Western States. This not only poses a threat to public health and safety, but also to residential and commercial properties. So now the question comes to mind, what impact do fires actually have on our communities? What impact do they have on our commercial work spaces, … Read More