Sources of Common Damage: Part Two

We can safely and expertly handle all roof types and damage.

Welcome to part two of our blog series on common sources of roof damage to your commercial building. We’ve discussed in part one that structural issues such as building movement can cause cracking, and how clogs build up ponding on rooftops. We also covered that human error can often be an issue that arises out of tenant improvements, even with minor errors, and how rooftop traffic creates damage. But did you know Kodiak Roofing can repair even unusual roof issues such as exposed ductwork, contaminants and vandalism? Kodiak Roofing is here to help with whatever ails your commercial roof. 

Unmaintained Roofs

First off though, we’d like to explain why an unmaintained roof is a target for damage. While many items require maintenance, from cars to HVAC units, roofs are unlike those mechanical items in the fact that the weather will use your roof whether you choose to or not. There is no turning it on or off, your roof is on the job 24/7, just like us.  We know from experience a maintenance program is the best way to prevent leaks from happening in the first place. Our professionals complete a formal assessment and inspection of your roof and clean drains, re-secure fasteners and loose sheet metal flashings, and reseal cracked or missing caulk joints. 

Exposed Ductwork, Rooftop Contaminants, and Vandalism

Sometimes the unexpected damage to a rooftop can be the most critical for repair. The exposed ductwork on your roof can often suddenly suffer from issues with damage. We have experienced roofers that now how to identify broken ductwork and repair it quickly. Many businesses, particularly those in food preparation that release grease vapors, have trouble with contaminants from vents causing issues to the rooftop. Common damage from contaminants include the swelling or blistering roof membranes, the breakdown of roofing exposed to grease and sometimes even a fire hazard from buildup. Repair and maintenance is key to avoiding these risks. Lastly, vandalism is of particular concern in some commercial areas. Kodiak Roofing can help with repairs and advise on any preventative measures that can be made to roof access. 
Again, we know there is much to consider when your commercial building is subject to roof damage and we are here to advise. Kodiak Roofing offers repair service, maintenance plans and a 24 hour emergency service for commercial buildings in the greater Sacramento and Reno areas. Contact us with your questions, we can help.