Sources of Common Damage: Part One

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Your employee or leasee notices water leaking into the building. What could be the cause? What is the quickest route to stopping any damage to your building, equipment and goods? Kodiak Roofing is here to help. We offer 24 hour emergency service for commercial buildings and are quick to respond. In this two part blog series we will discuss what is most likely the culprit of the damage, so you can assess what to do next. 

Movement, Clogs, and Ponding

Some of the main issues we find that cause leaks and damage are structural in nature and due to changes of the roof over time and wear. Many roofs and buildings suffer from some margin of movement, which create all-to-familiar cracking which can let the elements seep in. Clogged drains and waterways can add to the difficulty, creating rainwater runoff into inappropriate areas that will cause pooling that can lead leaks or other damage such as roof sagging. This is called deck deflection by professionals, but is also often called ponding. 

Small Human Errors That Can Cause Larger Issues

There are several roof issues that can arise out of simple mistakes made by human error or lack of expertise. First, many times damage can derive from a tenant improvement made with the best of intentions, but not done to spec, allowing for a small error to grow over time. As time passes a minor flaw, out in the elements, is exacerbated by the beating it takes from the rain, wind and the extreme heat our area experiences. Second, often we see damage that was created by foot traffic on the roof. Contractors or more often employees that attempt to service mechanical equipment on the roof such as HVAC and venting, or even solar panels that are becoming more common as of late, can create damage over time and repeated trips. Most roofs are designed only for professionals to access with the proper equipment to navigate the terrain safely.
We know there is a great deal to consider when your commercial building experiences damage. Kodiak Roofing’s client roster demonstrates we can expertly handle a vast array of commercial roofing needs. Give us a call with your questions to see how we can help you.