Kodiak Solar Partners with SOLRITE to Bring Cutting-Edge Energy Solutions to California Homes

The landscape of residential clean energy is shifting gears, and a groundbreaking partnership is leading the charge. We’re pleased to join forces with SOLRITE Energy, the innovator behind the first-of-its-kind Virtual Power Plant Power Purchase Agreement (VPA), to unlock a future of accessible and sustainable home energy solutions.

Unveiling a New Era of Solar Affordability:

This strategic alliance brings together Kodiak’s quality service with SOLRITE’s revolutionary VPA, offering homeowners a compelling value proposition:

  • Expanded accessibility: The SOLRITE VPA expands access to solar + storage by leveraging sonnenConnect’s grid services, enabling a 43% higher homeowner approval rate compared to traditional PPAs. This unlocks superior energy bill savings, proactive management, and automatic backup power through sonnenConnect’s time-of-use optimization.
  • Intelligent energy management: Advanced technology optimizes energy use and battery storage, maximizing self-consumption and grid contribution, leading to even greater cost savings and environmental benefits.
  • Designed with contractors in mind: SOLRITE’s Virtual Power Plant Purchase Agreement (VPA) program is specifically tailored for contractors, leveraging the company’s extensive experience and dedication to delivering streamlined and efficient installation solutions. Participating contractors receive access to industry-leading, high-quality reporting and data through SOLRITE’s dedicated partner portal. Furthermore, the SOLRITE VPA empowers contractors to navigate evolving market dynamics within the solar industry by offering a seamless solution to California’s NEM 3 regulations through integration with the sonnenConnect Virtual Power Plant (VPP).

Beyond Individual Benefits, a Collective Impact:

This partnership extends its impact beyond individual homeowners, fostering a broader transformation:

  • Empowering energy independence: Making clean energy more accessible catalyzes wider adoption, paving the way for a more sustainable future.
  • Strengthening grid resilience: VPPs contribute to a more reliable and stable grid by providing distributed energy resources.
  • Safeguarding our planet: Increased solar adoption translates to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, combating climate change and protecting the environment.

What Is Solrite About:

SOLRITE Energy empowers fellow solar companies by offering tailor-made power purchase agreements (PPAs) that combine solar energy with battery storage. These competitive PPAs are designed by engineers, procured with expertise, and constructed with precision, all within the solar industry itself. SOLRITE’s focus is on making clean, reliable, and affordable energy accessible to everyone. Their flagship offering, the SOLRITE Virtual Power Plant Power Purchase Agreement (VPA), goes above and beyond by integrating cutting-edge virtual power plant technology into a custom PPA. This creates an unbeatable solar-plus-storage solution for both customers and solar contractors.

Contact our team today to explore this groundbreaking partnership and how it can empower you to achieve energy independence, save money, and contribute to a more sustainable future for all. Together, let’s harness the sun’s power and illuminate a brighter tomorrow.

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