Roofing Fall Protection – Tips for Preventing Rooftop Falls

Roofing fall prevention

No matter what type of construction trade, safety is always of the utmost importance. In 2016, a total of 370 fatal falls occurred on construction sites. That is over one a day! Based on data provided by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), falls are the leading cause of death in construction. The truth of the matter is, these fatalities can and should be prevented.

Whether it’s commercial or residential, roofing fall protection is vital to the safety of workers.

Here’s how companies like Kodiak Roofing & Waterproofing implement plans to keep our teams safe and our job sites protected.

Make a Fall Prevention Plan

Especially in commercial roofing, every project is different from the last. No two roofs are the same. It is important to have a fall prevention plan laid out prior to every roofing project. The OSHA outlines three simple guidelines for preventing accidents like falls.

  • Plan – Prior to every project, a project manager or superintendent should inspect the building/surrounding area to plan accordingly. Tasks to complete the job should be outlined and communicated so no grey areas exist.
  • Provide – A key to roofing fall protection, is having every project site inspected in order to have the proper safety equipment supplied (ie. ladders, PFA (personal fall-arrest system), safety-nets, and guardrail systems).     
  • Train – Saying it is one thing, doing it is another. Proper training means demonstrating the correct safety guidelines and use of equipment on the job. Training is also required for EVERYONE regardless of experience or seniority. All employees must be trained to the same high standards.

Train, retrain…then train again

There’s no such thing as over-training when injuries can be prevented. As mentioned, roofing fall protection & prevention training should be mandated for all employees to make sure everyone is held accountable. At Kodiak Roofing & Waterproofing, we hold our employees to high standards and enforce a strict “zero-tolerance” policy for safety violations. To ensure repetitive training, weekly safety meetings are enforced along with regular updates to our Safety Manual. It’s for this reason, Kodiak has won multiple awards for our safety and job performance.     

Inspect, Inspect, Inspect

When on the job site, nothing prevents falls more than keeping eyes out for hazards. A project superintendent’s focus should always be to maintain a safe and healthy work environment free of hazards. At Kodiak Roofing, our employees are trained to spot and report hazards immediately to management. Regular safety inspections and audits are also performed on all our job sites to ensure the site is always meeting safety standards. Always take the same level of precaution no matter the size of the project.

As in any business, the most valuable asset is the employee. At Kodiak Roofing & Waterproofing, we invest in our team of professional roofers to create lifelong careers in commercial roofing. If you are looking to turn commercial roofing into a long and rewarding career, apply to join our award-winning team.