Don’t let your roof repair plans “fall” through

Hole in commercial roof

Fall is coming and no, this is not in reference to another Frozen movie! With the storms we have experienced the past couple of years, it is of utmost importance to make minor roof repairs before they become major repairs. We offer a multitude of maintenance and roofing repairs, here at Kodiak Roofing and would love to help you understand the yearly maintenance that should be done on your industrial roof.

Leak Repairs

Leak repairs can cover a wide range of repairs and maintenance. From storefront and wall leak detection to emergency leak repairs, we cover all industrial roofing maintenance. The best thing to do is have maintenance checks scheduled before any leak is detected. This allows for trained professionals to have their eyes on the situation and detect leaks better than any untrained eye could. No one wants to have to deal with an emergency leak repair so stay up to date with leak repairs and maintenance.

Tenant Improvements

As part of a leasing agreement, a building owner has to make tenant improvements; customized alterations to the building. This can pertain to the floors, walls, roofs, and other items. We are well versed in tenant improvement mandates and can help companies make all the needed improvements without having to lose an arm and a leg for it. Plus, this allows for a regular check-up on your roof’s health.

Re-Roofing of Existing Structures

Reroofing an existing structure entails putting a new roof on top of the old one. This eliminates having to take the old roof off, thus helping lower costs. This is a great option for when your roof is still in good condition with no major damages, but needs a new outer layer before problems arise. 

Rehabilitation, Repair, and Replacement of Architectural Metal Flashings

Metal flashings are used to direct or shed water away from roof edges where it could penetrate the building. Without proper flashings, water will slowly accumulate and seep into the building. There are dozens of different types of flashings and it can be very confusing trying to make any of the repairs on your own. We make it easy for repair, replacements, or rehabilitation of the flashings.   

#1 Industrial Roofing Experts

We are your #1 Industrial Roofing Experts in the Sacramento & Reno area. Don’t let fall hit before your roof is ready. Reach out and see what maintenance package is best for your building.