Revive Roof Life Extension

The Proactive Solution To Extend The Life of Your Roof

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Stop Before You Re-Roof It

80% of commercial roofs are replaced prematurely, resulting in unnecessary and avoidable expenses. Proactive, planned maintenance significantly extends the life of your roof at half the price.

Kodiak’s Revive Roof Life Extension is dedicated to getting the most out of your roof, sustainably. The result: significant savings, waste reduction, asset protection and safety by minimizing the amount of time to a total re-roof through a simple, cost-effective 4-step process.

Take the Guess Work out of Roof Health

Budget Conscious Benefits

Planned Expenses

Take the Guess Work out of Roof Health

Budget-friendly and simple 3-year life extension plan

Knowing when it’s time to invest in a total re-roof is stressful. By investing in an annualized plan, you can rest easy with greater insight into what your roof needs, identifying key areas of degradation and maintenance to easily extend the life and health of your commercial roofing system.  


How it works:

  • Foresight: Get the pulse on your roof with our infrared and nuclear scanning technology to analyze the quality and health of the roofing system to understand exactly what it needs. 
  • Revive: Turn back the clock with cost-effective, proactive repairs designed to get the roof in a leak-free and serviceable condition. 
  • Preservation: Weather happens. That’s why check-ups are important to make sure there are no surprises or interruptions to your business. Plus, Revive members receive prioritized service for a fast response to all your maintenance needs. 
  • Replacement: Maintain and repeat all previous steps, guaranteeing your commercial roof is never replaced before it’s ready and a stress-free reevaluation of your roof and renewal of your Revive Plan.

Budget-Conscious Benefits

Planned expenses. Peace of Mind.

By delaying the cash burden of a total roof replacement, you’re able to spend more time and money on other projects. Proactive maintenance covered by the 3 year Revive Program allows you to smartly plan and prepare for future expenses. We’ve got you covered with our highly trained roofing experts to preserve and protect your assets, maximize your roof’s life and avoid costly damage that leaks and exposure can cause.

The Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Revive Program right for me?

Short answer: Yes! If you’re a building manager, Kodiak’s revive program is the common-sense solution that can significantly extend the life of your commercial building’s roof.

My roof shows signs of wear and tear, can I still participate?

The ideal candidates are those with roofs showing signs of normal to significant wear and tear, repairable leaks, and not under an existing manufacturer’s warranty.

Let’s make expert roof care a regular thing.