What Difference Does a Moisture Scanner Make?

Rain, especially heavy downpours, can lead to roof leaks that will cause underlying interior mold and mildew problems. These can be surprisingly are tricky to identify. During the colder months, your commercial roof experiences a lot of havoc due to harsh weather causing water to seep inside the roofing system. Leaks and moisture can have severe effects on your roof. Inspecting your commercial roof is not simple to do and dangerous if you are inexperienced in this area. And, If you don’t have the right tools, then the issue might be overlooked. 

Keep in mind that moisture can get trapped if you have a roof overlay. This built-up vapor can cause severe problems including dry-rot of the underlying deck, and mold-growth. Plus, Mildew will get inside the insulation and reduce the benefits of insulation and the life of the new roof. A quick visual inspection is not always accurate or guaranteed. You need a more thorough investigation to find the hidden moisture or condensation to prevent high costs and damage. But how do you detect moisture efficiently and effectively before it’s too late? 

Checking the roof for leaks and moisture and taking care of the problem immediately, will add value and increase your commercial roof’s lifespan. Read below to learn about the benefits of using a moisture scanner.

The Benefits of Using a Moisture Scanner

  • Moisture scanners are designed to detect moisture and save you money and unnecessary stress.
  • The moisture tool keeps your roof warranty in effect and helps you plan and prepare for long-term repairs and maintenance.
  • Roof repairs can be determined and corrected promptly before a scheduled re-roofing. 
  • A moisture scanner is used during the day only and is easy to use.
  • Problems are solved with instant readings, and they scan large areas of moisture rapidly.
  • Measurements are immediately visible to determine the issue if there is one.
  • With a moisture scan report, this will help you determine what action to take before issuing re-roof bids. 
  • The moisture scanner identifies certain spots of moisture. Instead of repairing the entire roof, the scanner detects certain moisture spots, and those areas can be cut out and removed and replaced. 

The Benefits of Paying for a Moisture Scan

  • In the case of a roof “overlay” where the existing roof is left in place, a moisture scan can give the owner peace of mind knowing that the existing roof system is free of moisture.  If you overlay a roof that has moisture trapped within it, long term problems can include dry-rot of underlying deck, mold growth, reduced benefits from any insulation, condensation, and leaks in certain cases, and reduced life of the new roof including premature rusting of the attachment screws.
  • The moisture scanner will identify and isolate spot areas of moisture, even if the whole roof isn’t bad.  That way, just those areas can be cut out, removed and replaced with new in-fill prior to the new roof overlay.  This can save the cost of a complete removal of the entire roof.
  • The moisture scan can not only detect moisture but in many cases, will help pinpoint the cause of any existing leaks by delineating the moisture trail within the roof.  Roof repairs can be made at that time even if the roof isn’t scheduled to be re-roofed at that time.
  • The moisture scan report will assist the owner in determining the appropriate scope of a re-roof before he/ she solicits bids.  This means all bidders will be bidding “apples to apples”, making it easier to evaluate bids, and select the best roofer for his project.

Utilizing a moisture scanner will give you peace of mind by making you aware of the condition of your roof in advance before it’s too late. Your commercial roof is important; you and your employees work under it. Neglecting your roof maintenance is unsafe and lowers the value of your building. Plus, the structure is the first line of defense from wind, rain, hail, and extreme heat, and a durable, well-maintained roof will increase the protection. Take care of your roof and make sure to inspect it regularly! 

If your commercial roof requires repairs or replacement, our team at Kodiak Roofing is here to dive in and take care of your roof’s current issue to ease your concerns and distress. Contact us today!

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