Metal commercial roof

When it comes to the care of your roof, most people don’t know where to start. If words like “emergency leak detection,” “waterproofing,” and “roof repair and maintenance” make you nervous about the state of your roof, it might be time to take a look at it.

While most people know how to do basic maintenance around the house, the roof can be a different story. Roofs tend to be out of sight out of mind since we don’t normally get on them, look into their care, or think that they need maintenance until large problems occur. To properly care for your roof, you should implement these 5 tips today.


1) Clean off debris

Your roof collects more debris than you think. After a storm, you sweep off your sidewalks and patios, you get the leaves off the ground that fall in autumn, but do you think to clean that same debris off your roof? When there are large amounts of debris on your roof, water collects in greater amounts, which causes deterioration. Water buildup can occur especially on any flat parts of your roof and where the sections meet at angles.

2) Inspect the flashing and consider waterproofing

It is important to check the flashing on your roof to keep the roof from deteriorating. The flashing it the material over the joints that prevents water from seeping in and causing damage to your home. To best prevent water damage to your roof, we recommend waterproofing your roof. Contact us today so we can help you prevent any roof water damage in the future.

3) Clean gutters

Your gutters can’t work properly if they aren’t clean. We recommend cleaning them at the beginning and end of seasons since debris can collect and pipes can freeze with changing seasons. The normal outdoor elements can also cause gutters to deteriorate, move out of place, or develop holes, making it important to check your gutters and clean them regularly.

4) Secure loose shingles and replace damaged pieces

Check shingles regularly to make sure that they are not loose or damaged. Loose shingles can be secured with roof cement, and damaged pieces should be replaced as soon as the damage occurs to avoid further problems.

5) Hire a roofing company

Kodiak Roofing & Waterproofing Company not only specializes in building commercial roofs but also in roof maintenance and emergency roof services. If you are looking for any sort of roof maintenance, especially in emergencies, we can help you with the repairs you need. We understand the urgency that is needed when it comes to roof repairs and it is our priority to respond quickly so you can have peace of mind about your building. We offer 24-hour emergency services for leak repairs, and we’ll get a team out as soon as possible to help you with any roof problem you may be having.

Roof maintenance is an important part of keeping your building and business running. By implementing these tips and letting Kodiak Roofing & Waterproofing Company help you with any roofing needs you may have, your roof will stay in good shape and continue to do its job so you can continue to do yours.