Niello Porsche

Rocklin, CA

Project Summary

A modern reflection of the sleek Porsche cars it services, the Niello Porsche Parts Center catches every driver’s eye on I-80 heading to downtown Sacramento. The sleek aluminum wrapping is a staple of Porsche dealerships across the world, creating an instantly recognizable and iconic look.

Kodiak was tasked with providing the expertise that required precision and proficiency in composite material sidings to service the Porsche center. 5,690 Sq. Ft. of Aluminum Composite Material was installed across the siding of the building. Kodiak strives to provide minimal interruptions in business to clients while still providing the highest quality of service and safety available in the industry. The project was completed on time, with minimal disruptions, so Porsche owners could continue to receive the quality service they come to expect from their Niello Porsche center.