Google Bay View

Mountain View, California

Project Summary

Google’s Bay View campus is the first concept and construction carried out by the company. An ambitious project filled with on-brand innovation, Google needed a team of skilled roofers to help bring their unique vision to life. 

To achieve their vision of creating an innovative space focused on creativity, openness, and sustainability, they required a roofing system that would encompass all of these goals and provide clean renewable energy to the space. Bay View’s flex system is the largest project of its kind to be carried out in the United States. The metal roofing system is, undoubtedly, the most complicated metal roof ever built, and seamlessly integrates with solar panels for a green, all-electric workplace. 

To carry out a project of this size and magnitude, Google turned to past Kodiak partners, Whiting Turner and BEMO, to bring the concept to life. From years of successful past partnerships with Whiting Turner and BEMO, they knew that Kodiak was capable of fulfilling the project and contacted us knowing we would be the best contractor for the job. 

Utilizing cutting-edge laser mapping technology, a working model was created to understand the complexity of the system. These models were used by BEMO and Kodiak to install the akkord rail over the standing seam bulb and mechanically seamed to the dragon scale designed solar panels to create a damage free attachment. Then, to provide worry free maintenance for years to come, the gutters were fitted with perm-a-flash liquid hidden below the solar panels to carry out a coherent, seamless look. 

Kodiak’s expertise helped fulfill Google’s innovative vision to create a human-centric space through quality craftsmanship, with a metal roofing system that will last for decades. Kodiak has proven we have the ability, confidence, and know-how to tackle anything the next big challenge throws at us.

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