Carson Tahoe Medical Center

Project Summary

Carson Tahoe Medical Center serves the community of Carson City, Nevada with its state-of-the-art facility. At Carson Tahoe, treatment is centered on the whole person, providing comprehensive care for the wellbeing of everyone, from newborns to seniors. The care they provide to people of all backgrounds and life stages is critical, and requires dependable protection from the elements to facilitate stress-free healing.

Kodiak was contacted by the facility to address some failures in the roofing system. Timing was critical, providing a comprehensive quote and estimate of the job needed to be done quickly to start the work needed to protect equipment and patients. Kodiak completed an overlay re-roof with 204,967 sq. ft. of GAF 45 mil TPO to protect the facility from water, ultraviolet light, ozone and chemical exposure. The high-grade material will protect the facility from future failures for decades to come.

“[Kodiaks] safety is better than most companies. I’m really satisfied with the overall process and I would strongly recommend Kodiak Roofing, and I’ll definitely use them again in the future.” — Dave Lamb, Facilities Manager.

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