Stanford Shopping Center

Justin Doyle Metal Roof & Wall0 Comments

Location: Palo Alto, CA System: Reynobond Custom Fabricated Trellis /  Reynobond Rainscreen Soffit/  Trespa Wall Panels/ Alpolic ACM Size: 20,300 sq. ft. ACM  and 9550 Linear Feet of Extruded Aluminum

UNR Copper Court

Justin Doyle Low Slope, Metal Roof & Wall0 Comments

Location: Reno, NV System: Single Ply Roofing, 60 mil PVC / 24,540 sqft of Standing Seam Metal Roof / 2,190 Metal Siding / 2,880 Metal Soffit / and 8,420 sqft ACM panels Size: 12,321 sq. ft.