Why Students Are Choosing Trade School Over College

Trade schools are looking more promising these days than they ever have before. Planning for your future is extremely important and students graduating now are taking much more into consideration than those just a few years ago. Four-year universities are expensive and come with a commitment to decades of repayment and anxiety if you don’t receive scholarships or financial assistance. Is it the right choice for everyone? We certainly see other options!

When deciding on a profession, young adults tend to focus on their career choice instead of evaluating the cost to decide if it’s beneficial to them after college. Many students worry about their ability to make a decent amount of money to pay off their loans, and what that means for financial success in the future. Trade schools and on-the-job training in the trades industry allow another option. They let you jump-start your career and provide an invaluable asset to the trade economy.

A trade school is not as expensive as a four-year college and the curriculum is typically focused on a particular skill. You are learning in-depth about that profession, so you are ready to take on your new job once you complete the program. And you will start your career – and start earning money – faster than someone who is in a four-year college. 

The 411 on Trade Schools

A trade school provides education for a specific trade or career with hands-on experience for that particular skill. There’s typically no general education to take! You are only focusing on that career. Furthermore, trade schools have a smaller class size, allowing students to ask questions, get hands-on experience, and engage with teachers in an intimate setting. The class size is usually about 25-30 students compared to 50 or more at a university.


At a trade school, your ultimate focus is learning that specific skill. A trade school updates its curriculum based on what is happening in that particular job and what people need to know in that career. With a four-year college, you spend a lot of wasted coursework that doesn’t pertain to your major, which takes longer to complete. There are a lot of options while you are in school, like on-the-job internships to see if that career is right for you. After you complete the program, you can get started on your career right away. 

Time Frame and Cost 

Most trade schools take about four months to 2 years to complete. A four-year college takes about 4-6 years, and you are left with a hefty loan. While costs vary depending on which career you choose, a trade school can average up to $33,000 total versus $127,000 for a four-year college. Not everyone has that kind of money, and don’t want to be in debt after receiving their diploma. One of the advantages of going into a trade school is that you can get into the professional world faster and start earning income in a shorter amount of time. How can you beat that tuition price? Kodiak Roofing can! When you work for us, you’re provided with included training to give you the needed skill sets to thrive!

Benefits of Working at Kodiak Roofing

At Kodiak Roofing, we provide on-the-job training and internships to help you attain valuable high-demand skills. As a member of our team, you will learn how to install and replace roofing systems with an array of materials, including metal, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin), EPDM (ethylene propylene), shingles, asphalt, and concrete. You will be responsible for inspecting leaks, cutting and attaching roofing paper, estimate materials required, covering an exposed nail or screw, and more. You will also obtain hands-on experience in sealing, bonding, insulating, and waterproofing. 

Overall, working in the roofing industry is incredibly beneficial and rewarding. At Kodiak Roofing, you are part of a close-knit team where you are learning something different every day. When you work for our crew, you save time and money by acquiring roofing techniques while you work. Our onsite training offers the skills and support that will help you become competent and successful. 

Just a few of the jobs we offer:

  • Commercial Roofer Journeyman
  • Assistant Roofer
  • Project Manager
  • Internships

Think finding success in the trades is an option for you yet? Of course, it is! Kodiak Roofing is currently hiring! Take a look at our current openings today. However, if you still feel that you belong at college, we, of course, want to help you out and will offer tuition assistance with college courses that are work-related! To find out more about these opportunities, contact our crew today

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