When Should You Repair, Patch, or Replace Your Commercial Roof?

We’ve spent the past 30+ years providing the highest quality roofing and waterproofing solutions throughout the Western U.S. Our customers will agree that when it comes to your commercial roof, we always have their best interest at heart. This means that we’ll always be honest about what sort of care your commercial roof needs – can it be repaired or fixed with a patch? Or does it need to be replaced entirely? 

If you’re not sure what care your commercial roof needs? We’ve put together this helpful guide for when a repair, patch, or complete replacement might be needed. 

Reasons to Repair or Patch Your Commercial Roof

Although we’ve shared the best way to avoid costly or emergency roof repairs (hint: it’s our maintenance program!) We know that all commercial roofs will likely need repair at some point. If you’re already part of our maintenance program, congrats! If you’re not (yet), then here’s a guide as to what we look for when considering repairs on a commercial roof: 

  • Discoloration or water stains on your roof
  • Dry or brittle roofing materials 
  • Cracks, tears, or rips in your roof’s membrane or flashing 
  • Exposed, melted, or incomplete adhesive on all seams 
  • Blocked drainage and mold growth 
  • Holes, punctures, or dents from objects and debris 
  • Bent, damaged, or broken penetration points (ie-vents, pipes, exhausts, etc.) 

If we find any of these above-noted issues, we’ll discuss with our customer a course of action to repair their commercial roof. We’ll also discuss your roof’s warranty and whether the identified issues are covered. 

Reasons to Replace Your Commercial Roof

While we try our best to help commercial building owners care for and maintain their commercial roofs, eventually, all roofs need to be replaced. If the roof can be repaired, we’ll take that approach first to save the customer money and avoid lengthy disruptions. However, in the event of a natural disaster or extreme weather conditions, emergency repairs (or full replacement) may be needed. A good rule of thumb is that if 25% or more of the commercial roof is damaged, it’s likely more cost-efficient to replace the entire roof. Here are some of the signs we look for when determining if a roof needs to be replaced: 

  • Old age (the average lifespan of a commercial roof is 20-30 years)
  • Pooled water and low spots 
  • Blistering or bubbling (this is a common problem for membrane roofs such as built-up roofing, TPO, PVC, and EPDM)
  • Visible storm damage
  • Damaged flashing or pitch pans
  • Holes or tears in your roof membrane
  • Wind damage

Need a Commercial Roofer?

If you have a commercial roof needing repair, patching, or a full replacement, our team of experts is here to help! We’re ready here to provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your commercial roofing needs. Just contact us to get started! 

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