How Christmas Lights Can Damage Your Commercial Roof

‘Tis the season for twinkling lights! If done properly, hanging Christmas lights can be done without damaging your commercial roof. However, there are many things to be aware of in order to ensure the beautiful Christmas light display won’t be the cause of any long-term damage. It’s important to note that when installed improperly, the weight and pressure of your Christmas lights can cause serious damage to your commercial roof. So whether you have a metal or TPO roof or a low or high-slope roof, here are some tips and tricks to ensure a safe and stunning seasonal light display!

Proper Installation Process

When hanging Christmas lights on your commercial building, it’s important to remember to always put safety first! We’ve also put together this guide to help ensure proper installation: 

  1. Make a plan & measure: It’s important to know which lights you want to put and where then measure your roof to ensure you have enough lights before you get started.  
  2. Gather your tools: Once you’ve purchased your lights, make sure to plug in each strand to ensure there’s no damage or burnt-out bulbs. Make sure to gather your roof clips, extension cords, tape (to secure any loose cords), and sturdy shoes, of course. 
  3.  Use the buddy system: It’s important to always have an assistant to help hang your holiday lights. They are there to help and ensure your safety. 
  4. Attach your clips: It’s helpful to attach your clips before you get started hanging your lights. Pro tip: keep your clips close enough together so that your lights stay taught and straight. 
  5. Hang your lights: We recommend waiting to turn them on once they’re hung. The lights can tend to get hot, and you don’t want to get burned! 

Faulty Wiring & Damaged Lights = Fire Risk

Faulty wires can cause electrical problems with your holiday lights, making them a fire risk on your commercial roof. You can prevent potential fire risks by checking for any bad bulbs, frayed electrical lines, or lights that flicker (when they’re not designed to do so). It’s also good to check all the cords to ensure there aren’t any loose ones that could be tripped on and thus be damaged. 

Roof Damage and Deterioration

When hanging your Christmas lights, never use nails or staples. No matter how small, any type of puncture can create opportunities for water to leak into your commercial building and cause damage to your roof. While small holes can often go unnoticed, they can often be the cause of thousands of dollars in repairs and damage down the road. 

The same goes for screwing things into your gutters. Your gutters are designed to redirect water away from your building’s walls and roof. By putting holes – even tiny ones – into your gutters can cause them to have drainage problems. 

If you plan on hanging Christmas lights annually, we recommend using plastic clips that won’t cause any damage to your roof or gutters. If you have a metal roof, you can use a C9 Magnetic Clip, which essentially turns your strand of Christmas lights into magnets! You can also buy strands of C9 Christmas lights

Need A Commercial Roofing Contractor?

Although we aren’t in the business of hanging Christmas lights, we are in the business of ensuring your commercial roof is at peak performance at all times! If you notice any damage, leaks, or other issues with your commercial roof while hanging your Christmas lights, please don’t hesitate to give our team of experts a call!