What the National Material Shortage Means for Your Roof

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When properly maintained, your commercial roofing can last decades before needing replacement. Because of this, roof maintenance is often the last on a priority list, especially if it is done right the first time like the Kodiak way. So with good quality workmanship and a long life cycle, why is maintenance so important to do right now?

National Material Shortage

Maintenance is important for your roof no matter the circumstances, but with the rising costs and shortage of materials, big fixes are getting tougher to do on a budget. Even something as simple as a pooling issue can lead to big roof repairs if left too long.

When trouble arises, it’s imperative to get it inspected immediately. While safety plays a big role in this, the urgency comes from the need to order supplies before the damage worsens and causes business operations to shut down. However, even with proactive ordering, 90% of contractors have found delays in receiving supplies according to the Los Angeles Times. This is due to the housing and construction boom that has buildings going up fast. This demand mixed with supply-chain issues stemming from the pandemic makes the market first-come, first-serve.

What This Means For Your Roof

To avoid repairs, proper maintenance is key and routine inspections are the first place to start. At Kodiak, we always look out for:

  • Building & Roof Movement
  • Tenant Work
  • Clogged Drains and Scuppers
  • Contractor Damage/Foot Traffic
  • Deck Deflections/Ponding
  • Defective Flashings and Penetrations
  • Design, Material, Installation defects
  • And more…

Although these can seem like minor issues, they are a gateway to bigger problems as the damage progresses. Keeping an inspection and maintenance schedule is key to detecting early. That way, you can make sure the proper supplies are available and make an alternative plan if they are not.

Maintenance For All

If babysitting your commercial roof feels like a big job, we are right there with you. That’s why we designed a proactive maintenance plan to make sure your roof stays in tip-top shape. Every inspection includes:

  • Complete assessment of the roof
  • Inspect and clean drains of debris, re-secure drain fasteners if necessary. If drains are blocked below the roofline, the client will be advised.
  • Inspect all flashings at all penetrations and curbs, including pipes, skylights.
  • Inspect seams in the roof field and expansion joints
  • Re-secure loose sheet metal roof flashings and reseal cracked or missing caulk joints
  • Advise the client of any repairs exceeding the scope of this agreement
  • Copy of Field Report or Formal Assessment with photographs to client

You’ve got enough to worry about. Let us handle this.