Spring Commercial Roof Prep

Spring is here! Which means warmer weather, plants beginning to bloom, and spring cleaning. As you get into cleaning mode, it’s often easy to overlook the fact that your roof needs some TLC following those harsh winter months, too! We know that this means adding another item to your to-do list, but the good news is, we can help you check it off! Our roof maintenance program is designed to give you peace of mind when maintaining the roof of your commercial building. 

Our roof maintenance program is one of the best in the industry. It’s designed to be proactive rather than reactive. We help you identify any problems in their early stages, such as leaks. Early detection allows you to correct issues before they become expensively catastrophic. Regular maintenance can also help you create an organized approach to managing your roof as an asset, allowing for the timely preparation of long-term capital expenditures.

Spring Cleaning Checklist For Your Roof

When it comes to handling spring cleaning for your roof, you can expect the following from our team: 

  • Inspect and clean drains of debris and re-secure drain fasteners if necessary 
  • Advise client if the gutters are blocked below the roofline
  • Inspect all flashings at penetrations and curbs, including pipes, skylights
  • Inspect seams in the roof field and expansion joints
  • Re-secure loose sheet metal roof flashings and reseal cracked or missing caulk joints
  • Advise the client of any repairs exceeding the scope of this agreement
  • Copy of Field Report or Formal Assessment with photographs provided to the client

At the end of our assessment, we’ll provide a detailed report complete with photographs showing all potential problem areas and how we recommend fixing them. We’ll also provide an itemized, competitive cost estimate for each proposed repair, along with a priority timeline so you can plan ahead for your roof maintenance. Our goal is to keep your mind at peace and for you never to need to think about maintenance for your commercial roof again! Contact us to schedule your commercial roof maintenance appointment today!

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