A Roof to Feel Thankful For

As summer’s heat transitions to falling leaves and winter storms, now is an excellent time to consider the health of your commercial roof. Heading into the holiday season, no one wants to deal with a leaky roof – it can be disruptive and potentially catastrophic to your building’s tenants. And the primary cause of roof problems – leaky or otherwise – is usually a poorly maintained roof. 

Your roof is exposed to the elements and other weather hazards daily – all of which contribute to deterioration and damage. We understand the stress from a leaking or damaged roof – ruined equipment and interior, or possible dry rot and mold. While we offer a 24-hour Emergency Response Service if needed, it’s always more costly and less stressful to take a proactive – rather than reactive – approach to care for your commercial roof. Trust us; fixing a roof issue is much easier before it becomes a real blown crisis.
Regarding your commercial roof, our goal is to ensure our clients’ peace of mind, which we do through our Maintenance Program. Our program provides the highest quality roof assessment and cares before any damage occurs. This means you can enjoy a worry-free winter season – at least when it comes to your commercial roof!

Rooftop Maintenance Program

According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, “…the best way for a building owner to ensure satisfactory post-installation roof system performance is to have a formal, long-term maintenance agreement with a professional roofing contractor.” Our commercial rooftop Maintenance Program is one of the best in the industry. Whenever possible, we will also work with your commercial roof’s manufacturer’s warranty – usually between ten to twenty years in length. 

Here is a summary of the care you will receive through our commercial roof Maintenance Program: 

  • Complete assessment of your commercial roof.
  • Inspect and clean drains of debris and secure any loose drain fasteners, if necessary. We’ll let you know if drains are blocked below the roof line. Frequently manufacturer’s warranties will not cover clogged drains, which are often the causes of roof leaks.
  • Inspect all flashings at all penetrations and curbs, including pipes and skylights.
  • Inspect seams in the roof field and expansion joints.
  • Secure loose sheet metal roof flashings and reseal cracked or missing caulk joints.
  • Advise you of any repairs exceeding the scope of this agreement.
  • Provide a copy of the Field Report or Formal Assessment, complete with color photographs showing all the potential problem areas and beyond-normal-maintenance items and how they should be fixed according to industry standards. This report will also provide an itemized cost estimate for each proposed repair and a “priority timeline” to plan for your commercial roof maintenance!

Looking for a Commercial Roof Maintenance Program?

If you have a commercial roof needing routine maintenance or emergency roof repairs, our team of experts is here to help! Don’t wait until your commercial roof needs an emergency repair – the damage caused is often very costly! A routine maintenance program will not only provide peace of mind, but it can also extend the life of your commercial roof and boost your building’s energy efficiency. Your roof is one of your commercial building’s largest investments – we’re here to help you protect it. Just contact us, and we’ll get started!

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