Your Journey to Become a Journeyman

If you are wanting to find a career that can give you financial independence while also allowing you to learn a new skill that is currently in high demand, then consider commercial roofing. In the U.S. alone, the construction industry is a multi-trillion dollar business and the roofing sector is a big contributor to that amount. For the last few years, commercial roofing companies across the country have seen a dramatic increase in sales. Because that number is expected to continue to climb, the demand for experienced commercial roofers is higher than ever before. Read more below to learn how the commercial roofing industry can give you a prosperous career that will add stability and happiness to your life. 

What Do Commercial Roofers Do?

So, how does commercial roofing vary from what a typical roofer does, you may ask? With commercial roofing terms, you are typically working on a much larger and more complex scale than you do with residential roofing. Commercial roofers also use a wider range of materials and must learn more advanced roofing techniques.

 As a commercial roofer, some of the tasks that you may perform on a daily basis could include:

  • Cut roofing material to fit around exterior pipes, vents, walls, etc.
  • Inspect the roof for any damage
  • Determine the best way to repair damaged roofs
  • Install weatherproof materials to the roof such as metal, shingles, asphalt, etc.
  • Measure the roof and determine how much material will be needed for the job
  • Install insulation or vapor barriers
  • Prevent future leaks by covering nail heads and screws with caulk
  • Ensuring that the roofing materials align perfectly with the edge of the roof

Being in this industry is rewarding but also physically demanding. Commercial roofing is the ideal job for people who love to be outdoors and who can handle extreme weather conditions. You will also need to be in good physical condition as you will have to climb ladders, squat down, and lift and carry heavy materials.

Becoming an Apprentice Roofer

Everyone who starts out in the roofing industry has to first go through the apprenticeship program. This allows you to learn every aspect of the job through classroom instruction and on-job training. This skill-focused program allows you to directly learn from highly trained professionals as soon as you start the program and gets you one step closer to becoming a Journeyman! 

 The first step to starting the apprenticeship program is to enroll in a certified trade school. A trade school is considerably less expensive than a four-year university. Also, the classes at a trade school are taught by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the field and are only three-years long (for the journeyman career path). After you enroll in a trade school, you can then start working for a roofing company in order to gain real-world experience while you continue to learn new skills.

 If you choose to start the apprenticeship program with Kodiak Roofing, you will be working with some of the most experienced and knowledgeable commercial roofers in the industry. Our specialized training program allows you to work with some of the most top-rated journeyman roofers that the industry has to offer. We have the knowledge and experience to teach you the skills that you need to know in order to become a professional commercial roofer. When you work with us, you will be able to make a smooth transition into a well-compensated job that can give you financial security for the future.

 Becoming a Journeyman Roofer

Once you have finished your apprenticeship program, you will become a full-fledged journeyman roofer. Being a journeyman roofer can be very rewarding. You get to learn new skills and use that knowledge in your daily life. As a journeyman commercial roofer, you will encounter new challenges every day. Unlike working in an office, commercial roofers get to frequently travel to new destinations and be in new environments, ensuring that your job will never get boring. Every day, a new adventure awaits. You will get to work with a highly-skilled team that will help to shape your career journey and set you on the path to success.

When you choose to work with Kodiak Roofing, you are working with a team of passionate and dedicated professionals while making a comfortable living for you and your family. We offer competitive pay as well as a friendly and exciting work environment.