How Extreme Weather Affects Your Roof

Preparing for the winter elements is critical for your roof

From Nevada’s Snowmagedden in 2017 to the heavy, late winter rains we have had the last couple of years in Northern California, our weather has been putting us on notice that we need to care for our shelters from the storm.This leaves many commercial building owners to consider whether they are prepared and fully ready for their structures to handle the potential incoming storms. And rightfully so. If you are one of the many considering if now is the time for an inspection to catch roofing wear and flaws that can save you money and headaches, Kodiak can help.

Rooftops Need To Be Inspected For Storm Readiness 

As frustrating as it is for many building owners, these storms don’t have to cause heavy damage to their structures and wallets. Prevention is key and now is the time. We can’t stress prevention enough, but are happy to back up our stance by providing no obligation inspections of your existing roof. As we discussed in our November blog, roofs often experience some margin of movement, which creates cracking which can let rain and snow melt seep into the building structure. Sometimes very common and preventable issues such as clogged drains and waterways cause runoff into low areas in the roof which will pool and lead to leaks. 
Kodiak Roofing is here to advise and help. We also offer owners a roof maintenance program in both the Sacramento and Reno areas to address concerns before they arise.  The maintenance program includes the inspecting and cleaning of roof drains, and the inspecting of all flashings at all penetrations and curbs, including pipes, skylights. Kodiak will also re-secure loose sheet metal roof flashings, and reseal cracked or missing caulk joints as part of the program. We are experts who know how to get your roof ready for the storms. Please contact us so we can work with you to get your commercial property prepped for this busy season.