Got a Hole-In-One?

Man in a rain slicker standing in a flooded office. He has golf clubs on his back and is looking down at floating golf balls.

Asking “fore” a friend.

Green there, putt that.

Terrible puns aside, a holy roof is never a good sign and can leave your business feeling sub-par (last one, promise). With winter now here, it can also lead to damage not only to the building itself but also to the important things inside. The grass may have looked greener on the side of holding off roof maintenance but now it’s time to get it back in tee-top shape (sorry, we had to).

From storm-damaged dealerships to ponding the Capital, we’ve seen roof holes of every sort. We know it happens fast, which is why we are proud to offer emergency service to keep your business running. We specialize in leak detection and are able to get to the source before the damage gets worse. 

What To Look Out For

Roof maintenance is key to keeping the longevity of your roof. However, busy businesses can easily fall behind on their check ups. If this is the case or if you may suspect something may be wrong, these are the things to look out for that your roof has been compromised:

  • Signs of water damage
  • Outside debris inside
  • Discoloring with possible mold
  • And of course, the telltale hole when you look up

If you spot any of these signs, don’t panic. We can get down to the root cause and fix it before it causes further damage and delays.

Taking Care of Business

???? Workin’ overtime! ????

In situations such as this, time may be of the essence. Contacting your builder/maintenance team right away can be what stands between your business and its continued operations. Our lines are open 24/7 but be sure to check your contractor’s  hours if they are not with Kodiak.

The repair process begins with an initial inspection. Without this, we will not know where the problem stems from and cannot make a permanent fix. This may be the most important step as time is of the essence. Because of this, we are proud to offer 24-hour Emergency Service for leak repairs so you can take care of business fast. 

After the initial inspection, we communicate what our assessment uncovered and provide a follow-up report showing before and after photos of the repair, along with the invoice. If there is additional repair work needed, a proposal is sent with details of the recommended repair and the associated roof repair cost. Our process is fully transparent so you know exactly what to expect. Then, once the proposal is approved, our team kicks it into gear to make sure your repairs are done fast and right the first time.

Don’t Let a Hole-in-One Make Your Business Sub Parr

We’ll take it from here! Drop us a line today to get your roof back to the greens.