The Fields – Luxury Transit Village in Milpitas, CA

The Fields

The Kodiak Roofing team has been working extensively over the past several months to aid in the roofing completion of the new luxury transit village in Milpitas, branded The Fields I. The nearly completed building is set to feature luxury housing, shopping, dining and local transportation with the proposal for a future BART station nearby.

Our commercial roofing team was granted the opportunity to roof the 45,000 square feet soon-to-be retail space and 371 luxury residential units. In addition, the building rooftop will feature a fitness center, pool, and other residential amenities. Lyon Living and Lockehouse Retail are partnering to rent out the enormous available space to businesses interested in the commercial estate.

The Fields I is the first of four buildings set to be part of a massive 150,000 sq.ft. luxury district set to target millennials and young families in the Milpitas district of the Bay Area. The site is approximately 1 mile from San Jose’s famed “Golden Triangle” recognized as the high-tech center of the world.

One thing is for sure, Milpitas is on track to be a prime Bay Area destination for future residents. Kodiak Roofing & Waterproofing is proud to have been part of the development and construction of this future living district and eager to work on more commercial roofing projects in the near future. To see more of our work and recent projects, click here.