Recent Roof Makeover: How a Few Roof Repairs Can Make a Big Difference

We had the privilege to make a few roof repairs at Johansen Nelson Dentist office in Woodland, and we’re excited to share the results of their beautiful new roofing upgrade! Previously we discussed the importance of preventative roof maintenance, and how that’s essential to extending the life of your commercial roof. Ultimately, by making minor roof repairs over time, you can also save money in the long run.  

Johansen Nelson Dentist Office Roof Repairs

As these three before and after images show, preventative measures and minor roof repairs are incredibly important to extend the life of your roofing installation. Here are the four main possible issues that should be addressed by roof repairs:


When a leak is ignored it will only worsen over time, so even if it seems like a small leak at first, it’s important to get them fixed right away. Even small trouble spots on the roof can lead to a leaking roof if ignored; leaks will actually expand if more water is allowed through over time. If you have a multi-layered roof, conducting a roof inspection is a good idea because you may not notice your roof leak.

Increased Energy Bills

If there is a hole in your roof that is letting in water, that same hole will also let your cold air out in the summer and hot air out in the winter. This means that you’ll be paying a significant amount of unnecessary money. Instead of wasting money and energy, basic roof repairs will help address both your leaky roof and your energy bills.


Mold can be caused by clogged gutters, wet insulation or a wet roof layer as a result of a leaking roof. Once present, mold can be very dangerous to workers in that environment, as well as expensive to eradicate, so we recommend regularly checking and cleaning your gutters and insulation, and verifying that your roof has no leaks.

Water Damage

If a leak goes unaddressed, your building may experience water damage. This could manifest in the form of mold, sagging ceilings, or water dripping onto your floors. When a roof reaches this point, the major roof repairs needed to fix it can be costly. That’s why we recommend addressing issues as they arise.

There is no job too big or too small for our team, and our goal is to not only meet your expectations but to consistently exceed them! If you’re experiencing any of these issues or need help with another roofing project, please contact us; we look forward to helping to upgrade your building with a top-quality roof.

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