We Love What We Do!

It’s so easy to love what we do here at Kodiak. Every day brings on new challenges, amazing projects and happy customers, it’s never a dull day for us! Looking back, it’s always simple to see why we relish working at Kodiak.

We get to save the day. When a roofing crisis arises, we get to be knights in shining armor, rescuing buildings and their valuable contents from further damage. Our 24 Hour Emergency Service connects those with a roof leak or other issue with immediate help and a quick turnaround when they desperately need it. 

We work on amazing projects. Inspiration comes daily at Kodiak. We work the most awe-inspiring projects, from the cutting-edge new Kings Arena to the classic State Capitol Building. Airports, dealerships, retail centers, colleges, casinos, medical centers… you’ve likely walked through our projects many times without realizing it. Take a look at just some of our notable projects that keep us going strong. 

Our customers adore us. Thanks to our immaculate reputation, years of experience in the roofing industry and an enormous track record of success, Kodiak’s customers can’t say enough about us. We appreciate every one of them. With Kodiak no job is too big or too small, they are all valuable to us. 

We keep it safe and fun. Our employees are successful and committed because they are well-trained and immensely valued. Safety training and reviews are a sweet spot at Kodiak, as we embrace all the informative learning experiences that come out of each one of our safety education events, take a look.

We’re the best at what we do. As we like to say: “One team, one goal, home safe.” Our focus at Kodiak is on teamwork, happy customers and safety first. This mission lets us provide services like maintenance programs that are the best in the industry, projects that keep everyone happy like the Sacramento International Airport, and always keep a safe environment that delivers our employees home to their loved ones. How could we not love what we do? Learn more and contact us today!

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