Avoid Costly Repairs With Preventive Roof Maintenance This Winter

Regardless of the type of roof, every building owner wants to get the most out of their commercial roof structure. The key to doing this is by extending the life expectancy and maximizing a roofs’ performance by proactively applying preventative maintenance.  Before this next rainy season is the perfect time to have your commercial roof inspected in preparation for the cold and wet months. While a roof system is often overlooked as a key component of a building’s structure, it is often the most important. After all, a roof is the first line of defense against harsh elements such as rain, snow, ice, and heat.

When taking care of any building or machinery, an owner should understand that by investing small amounts in maintenance early on, will save large amounts of money in the long run. For example, you wouldn’t buy a car and go years without changing the car’s oil or tires and not expect your vehicle to break down and have huge costs. Preventative roof maintenance is simply investing in the future of your commercial roof by having routine inspections, repairs, and additions when needed, in order to extend the life of your roof.  

Best Practices

There are several best practices and considerations for preventative commercial roof maintenance.

Create and Establish a Preventative Maintenance Program

Creating a roof maintenance program starts by doing your research and working with a trusted roofing company in your area. A reliable roofing company should have decades of industry experience repairing and maintaining different types of commercial roofing systems.

Commercial Roof Assessment

The first stage of a preventative maintenance program should be an assessment of the commercial roof system’s existing conditions. This should be performed twice a year, usually once in the fall prior to winter, and once in the spring prior to summer.

Data Filing on Roof Assembly

Documenting the history and status of the roof assembly is imperative for a successful preventative maintenance plan. It’s important to have both physical and digital copies of original roof specs and newly performed roof assessments on record.

Perform Necessary Repairs and Discuss Potential Problems

The culmination of a commercial roof assessment should involve discussions on any potential problems identified and necessary repairs needed in order to extend the life of the roof system.

Importance of a Preventative Maintenance Program

Preventative maintenance plays a vital role in protecting and maintaining your current commercial roofing system. The most important benefits of investing in preventative maintenance include:

    • Saving money on long-term roofing costs
    • Identifying early roof damages
    • Extending the life of your commercial roof

    • Time & energy saved

Kodiak Roofing & Waterproofing is an award-winning, leading commercial roofing company serving clients throughout the western United States, including the Bay Area, Sacramento, and Reno. Learn about the many roofing & waterproofing services we offer including preventative maintenance programs to extend the life of your commercial roof. Contact our experts today for repairs, maintenance plans, and emergency services like leak detection and repair.  

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