How Kodiak Keeps Our Roofing Employees Safe and Secure

When you work in the California roofing industry like our employees, you will be servicing buildings constructed many levels above the ground. Every day, each Kodiak roofing professional puts his or her safety at risk to ensure the quality and integrity of the client’s roofing job. At Kodiak, we take the safety of our roofing personnel very seriously, and we’re careful to use the right protective equipment, safety protocols, and training to prevent injury and ensure that our employees are confident at work. 

Even now, while our essential personnel continue to work, we ensure all teams are carefully following CDC’s recommendations of staying 6 feet apart from others as well as making sure they are carefully following all guidelines for washing and sanitizing hands and equipment. We also continue to strictly enforce our policy that all employees who may be ill stay off the roofs and at home.

Here are some ways that we encourage roofing employees to stay safe on the job: 

A Protective Helmet 

The #1 rule for every construction site is that workers must wear a protective hard hat or a helmet. This gear protects a roofer during a fall as well as from a head injury due to falling debris.

Proper Footwear

Every roofer must report to work with the right footwear that will help him or her keep proper footing while walking or standing on a roof, scaffold, or catwalk. 

Keep the Roof Free From Debris

It’s important to keep every roof or working surface free from debris. Otherwise, a roofer could slip and fall on the flat surface, go over a barrier or unprotected edge, and fall from a height.

A Fall Protection System

If a worker must work beyond an area that has been blocked off by a warning line, a guardrail, or a wall, then he or she will need to be protected from a dangerous fall by a safety net, also known as a personal fall arrest system.  

A Warning Line System

Workers need to see clearly-posted signs where they are working if there is an unprotected side or edge to a floor. If the area is not separated by a wall or rail, then we must put flags or stands there. The warning line lets every worker know where they could fall. 

A Guardrail Barrier

If there is a known edge, we can protect it with a guardrail. This places a barrier along the edge of each roof and along all walkways. A worker at a higher level should not be at risk for falling to a floor beneath him. According to OSHA, “each guardrail must be able to withstand 200 pounds of force applied within two inches of the top edge, in any direction, and at any point along the edge, as well as 150 pounds of force along the midrail.”

A Fall Protection Cart

This system provides protection for a worker performing tasks on a higher level by anchoring him or her to a cart. The worker puts on a harness or a body belt and stays connected to the cart via a lanyard. Every time the worker moves to another part of the roof, the cart is moved. The design is meant to keep the worker from falling by holding him or her back. 

A Lanyard That Absorbs Shock 

This is a flexible line securely attached to a roofer’s harness or body belt. This line can rapidly expand to absorb energy during a fall scenario.

A Lifeline

Imagine that this rope works much like a lanyard, being very flexible, and it’s linked to an anchor.

Most importantly, our roofers work well in teams. They are careful to communicate with each other and to share warnings of potential hazards. They rely on each other every day to follow safety protocols.

More guidelines for protecting roofers from serious falls from a height can be found in this OSHA publication and other documents on their website.

Consider Opportunities at Kodiak

At Kodiak, our #1 priority is for employees to feel safe and prepared for their risky, but very important jobs. We provide industry-leading line safety equipment and training courses. It is our commitment to every staff member to ensure that they understand their respective safety procedures like the backs of their hands because we know that’s how they will feel confident in their positions. If this sounds like an exciting place to work where you will be supported by a strong team, please view our careers page today.

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