Average Costs of Roofing Projects

Whether you’re getting started on a new commercial building or fixing up and repairing one, roofing prices can come as a surprise. So, just how much does a new roof cost? We’ve gathered the average roofing repair costs, the total cost of a new roof, and more to make your decisions easier. Take advantage of this list to help expedite an all-too-often stressful process.

The numbers included in the following categories are based on a study conducted by Carnegie Mellon looking at 100,000 square meters of low slope commercial roofing on 38 buildings, ranging from old to newly built.

Repairing a Commercial Roof

Over an eight-year span, the study found a total of 1,781 roof systems required lead-related maintenance. That means that an average of 200 leaks per year or 5.2 leaks per building occurred. These numbers show that not only is it important to have your roof built with the best quality the first time, but that the repairs are high quality as well, so as to endure harsh weather and save you money down the road.

Average Cost: $1,232 per leak

Replacing a Commercial Roof

A common dilemma, and potentially frustrating decision, for commercial property owners, is whether or not to repair or replace their roof. Unfortunately, there is no standardized solution as each building and severity of repairs is unique. It requires carefully weighing the roofing repair costs with the roofing prices for starting fresh. Hopefully, the included numbers can help you make the most informed decision.

Average Cost: $269 per square meter

Building a New Original Commercial Roof

Starting construction on a new commercial building is a large and much more expensive project when compared to replacements or repairs. But, you also have the opportunity to ensure you have the highest quality from the beginning in order to prevent racking up costs in the future. It is difficult to provide a generic average cost for roofing prices across the board, as each project is a different size, material, etc. The below numbers are based on a 200 x 300 ft metal roof.

Average Cost: $653,651- $859,693*
*Numbers from source outside of Carnegie study here.

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