Month: July 2022

  • Why Have Metal Roofs & Walls?

    Why Have Metal Roofs & Walls?

    Whether you’ve noticed them on large commercial buildings or small businesses, metal roofs are a popular roofing material. A 2021 state of the industry report noted that commercial roofing contractors indicated that metal roofing was the second most popular roofing system. Research by Techanvio shows that the metal roof market is expected to grow by…

  • Why Have a Low Slope Roof?

    Why Have a Low Slope Roof?

    When deciding on how to structure your roof, the pitch is a major factor. Roof pitch is one of the most commonly used terms in roofing. It refers to the steepness of a roof. There are two different types of roof pitches: high slope and low slope. Today we’re going to take a closer look…