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24/7 Emergency Roof Service

For what goes drip at night

Extreme weather is no friend of your roof. That’s why it’s important to take care of emergencies as they happen, so they don’t turn into something more. From a leak, to severe wind damage, Kodiak’s designated emergency roof service provides expert on-demand repairs to protect what is most important to you.

Need Emergency Help?


An investment in quality

It’s inevitable that your roof will one day require more than a repair. Kodiak will always find the best solution for you, but if a repair won’t cut it, investing in a high-quality roof replacement that will provide 20 years or more of life and protection can be the responsible decision.

Is a Re-Roof right for You?

Solar Power Solutions

Going green from the roof down

Adding solar panels to your roof turns it into an energy producing asset, and a smart investment that will save you money from your electric meter and future energy costs, while also providing additional income for property owners. Peace of mind starts with Kodiak’s 30+ years of experience and expertise.

Ready for Energy Independence?


Protection where it counts

Waterproofing extends the life of structures beyond just a roofing system by keeping water out of the places it doesn’t belong. Parking garages, patios, decks and more, benefit from expert waterproofing applications. Whether your service is for prevention or reacting to an immediate need, Kodiak provides comprehensive waterproofing services to keep water out for long-lasting protection.

Revive Roof Maintenance

More life, more savings

There’s nothing we hate seeing more than a roof replaced before it’s time. A complete roof replacement is expensive and time-consuming.  Kodiak’s Revive Roof program extends the life of your roof by responsibly caring for and identifying key areas of degradation to maximize the longevity of roofing systems, extending your savings for pennies on the dollar compared to a replacement.

Midway Commerce Center | Vacaville, CA

Google Bay View Campus | Mountain View, CA

Carson Tahoe Hospital | Carson City, NV

Golden One Center | Sacramento, CA

Why Kodiak?

When experience and passion equals quality.


Cutting-Edge Technologies

Investing in Careers



There’s no substitute for experience: with over 30 years in roofing maintenance and repair, we provide unmatched quality and service to protect and care for the asset’s of our clients.


Cutting-Edge Technologies

Cutting-edge technology: we utilize the industries most up-to-date technology to provide the best experience, savings, and protection possible.


Investing in Careers

Investing in careers: exceptional quality starts with exceptional professionals. Investment in the goals and careers of our employees creates an environment of passion and growth that produces unbeatable results.


"I am really satisfied with the overall process. I would strongly recommend Kodiak Roofing and I will definitely use them in the future"

Dave Lamb

Facilities Manager | Carson Tahoe Hospital- Carson City, NV


"The service that we get is fantastic. Always available to meet our needs and construction schedule."

James Averill

Assistant Project Manager- Weitz | Enso Village- Healdsburg, CA

Kodiak Careers

At Kodiak, we don't just offer jobs; we provide opportunities to build a future as sturdy and enduring as our roofing, waterproofing and solar solutions. Join a team where your skills are valued, your growth is nurtured, and your contributions shape the skyline! Be a part of our dynamic, innovative family and let's build something great together.